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Pipistrellus pipistrellus was found in downtown Hanover in the bulky refuse

A female Pipistrellus pipistrellus was found in downtown Hanover in the bulky refuse. The animal was on the verge of dehydration and starvation and had only half the weight needed for hibernation. Perhaps she had wanted to spend the winter in the bulky refuse. - in this condition she would not have made it to the Spring any more. Please keep your eyes open and do not pass by if you find a bat on the ground - it needs help! Get help

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Wir haben es satt! 19.01.2019 in Berlin

A demonstration for a peasant ecological agriculture - also Plüti was there and has spoken out against the use of pesticides - he asks everyone: Please, buy organic products!#WHES19 #bats #Fledermäuse #BUND #FOE #BUND_h_agf

Hambi stays! - The annual review of AG Bats BUND Region Hannover 2018

The Bat Conservation Team of the BUND Region Hannover also campaigned for the preservation of the Hambach Forest in 2018. By collecting signatures at our events, we were able to get countless signatures. Online, we were able to inform and mobilize many visitors of our website and on Facebook. In various demos in Braunschweig, Hannover and Berlin for the preservation of the Hambach Forest and a quick coal exit, we brought our protest on the street and gave the bats a voice. Always ahead is our new mascot Plüti - who came to us from the bat ambulance NABU Schleswig-Holstein and since then supports our public relations work.

Of course we were also able to help many bat patients to recover. Our vet Dr. med. Renate Keil and our dedicated nursing team take lovingly and tirelessly care of a large number of patients who come to us with different injuries every day.

And also backstage, there was much to do. From crafts, logistics to operations and field work everyone was busy. In our bat station, the last room was reconstraucted from which animals can later be released. There is still so much more to do, but the bats are mostly missing dedicated people with cars ready to take bat rescue / release operations, or help us transport event materials to the venues. We are also very happy about active people who support our information booths and take on children's activities.

With a public lecture on 05.12.2018 at the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, the 5th of this year, our bat year ends in the field of public relations. On 20 event days we were present with our booths in the Hannover region. And last but not least, there were countless consultations that were made by our vet over the telephone, via the internet or in person. Hundreds of callers from all over Germany could be informed about the safety and initial care of injured bats via the bat emergency number, which is the only one in Germany 24h even at night and on weekends. Over 400 bat patients arrived or were picked up by us, treated, cared for and most oft hem already released. Many more who are currently hibernating or still in treatment are waiting for their release in Spring.

In February, we want to provide additional care for the first aid with a care seminar, and numerous other events will follow.

On 19.01.2019 we will start with the demo "We are sick of it!" In Berlin and oppose the use of pesticides and organic farming to give the bats the food source, the insects. Maybe 19.01.2019 will be your first bet for the bats? Then quickly click on there is all the information about the demo and the arrival possibilities. - never be silent - never give up!

Further information, the annual review in pictures and much more can be found at



End Coal Demo Berlin 2018

Plüti was in Berlin to raise his voice for end coal and saving Hambacher Forest. He was in the frint row to fight for the bats in Hambacher Forest.

Happy Halloween

But - do our native bats really suck blood? No, they are insectivores and there is no reason to be afraid of them <3 Learn more about the magical creatures of the night hereon our website :-)

Hubertusfest Wisentgehege Springe 27. und 28.10.2018

Plüti raised his voice for the forests and against coal in Hannover Germany

Plüti raised his voice today in Hannover to end coal and save the forest - help Plüti online by signing the petitions

Plüti raised his voice for the forests at the Veggie World Hannover Fair

Plüti was a guest at the boost of the V-Partei³ in Hannover at the Veggie World Hannover Fair 2018

Plüti for Hambi in Braunschweig Germany

Plüti was in Braunschweig Germany to get signatures for the petition to save Hambacher Forest. Help Plüti and sign the petitions online

#hambibleibt #hambacherforst #hambacherwald #hambistays

Bats in Hambacher Forest

Großer Abendsegler
Braunes Langohr
Großes Mausohr

Petition Save Hambacher Forest

sign here

Sad news from Hambacher Forest

In Hambacher forest there was a fatal accident. We are with our thoughts and our concern for the family, the friends, the mourners and Hambi forest.

We ask the people who decide on the clearing of Hambis forest, to give humans, animals and plants this forest and the peace back.

#hambibleibt #hambacherforst

Protect Hambacher Forest - take action!

Elli, nyctalus noctula, was a victim of a tree felling in Hannover. Although she got medical care and rehabilitation she didn't made it back to the wild and passed away today :'(

Please, help us to protect the bats habitat Hambacher Forest and sign the petitions


Please, spread the information about tree fellings and treecare  


#hambibleibt #hambacherforst

European Batnight 2018 Hannover Germany

The Schulbiologiezentrum Hannover, the NABU Wolf Ambassadors Niedersachsen and the Bat Conservation Team Friends of the Earth Hannover Germany celebrated the European Batnight 2018  Hanover.

See photos


Enthusiastic children who could not get enough of tinkerung batmodels. With colorful bat make-ups they could rest at fairytale listening. They crowded around the information booths (with adults) and then enjoying cakes and other delicacies, interested and patient listening to the bat lecture waiting to see  living bats close up. Finally there was the bat tour with the observation of 4 species of bats that appeared on time, in addition to that there was a tour to the night bloomers and a professionally performed fireshow - it was an all around successful celebration for many visitors (children and adults). With ready-built batboxes, bee hotels, tinkered bats and stuffed animal toys, everyone was happily heading home and certainly would not be worried if perhaps a few bats will fly into the room, because now they all know how to help the bats.

The adults have also got a perfect day, and certainly some will now plant their gardens with the knowledge of bat-friendly flowers and will appreciate the animals. Thanks to the committed NABU Wolf Ambassadors Lower Saxony, many will certainly have more sympathy for the wolf, too!

BUNDchen Fledermaus thanks all the actors and the many interested visitors :-)

Take Action for bats!

Insect waterplaces - but beware!

When designing insect waterplaces, be careful not to use marbles or smooth stones - the insects can not stand on them and can drown. Please use rough natural stones and / or small rough branches.


Insect waterplace with rough stones prevents the drowning of the little guests

Book: The Rehabilitation and Captive Care of Insectivorous Bats by Amanda Lollar

We are very happy that one of our photos is part of the new book by Amanda Lollar. We thank Amanda and her team for their tireless commitment to bats. Here you can order the book.

kurze Inhaltsbeschreibung
Foto in der Mitte von Dr. Renate Keil

New Eyecather

There it is! Our new eyecatcher for our information booth.

Pipistrellus pipistrellus baby about 5 to 6 days old

Klara was found in Barsinghausen, sitting alone on a wall. She was picked up by our rescue team and taken to our vet, examined there, weighed and fed.


In the evening she was brought back to the place, where she was found, and placed on a "cuddle tower" in front of the bats' quarter, so that she could possibly be picked up by her mother.

A "cuddle tower" is a plastic bottle filled with warm water, over which a sock is pulled and then placed in a bowl. The cuddly tower is set up at the quarter, because bat-mothers actively look for their babies when they have lost them and bring them back to their own home. During the whole time there is a careteam on site to protect the baby from predators!


Unfortunately, the return of Klara did not work. She is now back in Hannover and is raised by our team. Later she goes to the protected release 


On Mother Day we think of Celine - a strong mother - she never gave up her dream of freedom an finally her dream came true:

In winter 2010/2011an injured female nyctalus noctula came to our station as a victim of a tree felling near Celle. Since it was clear that she would have to stay longer in the station, we named her Celine.
Longtime we thought, that she will never be able to fly again. But we've trained and trained her, night after night. Celine was really hard working, she couldn't await her training lessons - she really wanted to fly again! She wanted to be free and live in her group. We never had a bat whose wish for freedom was so strong.
Soon she flew a few meters, then she made even smaller fast laps. Celine stood strong, flew on and on until she could fly several rounds.
Then the all-important question: Can Celine take off from the ground? - A take off from the ground for bats requires a lot of strength, but this ability is vital! - Celine struggled a lot, but could not take off from the ground. We practiced again and again. - Then we got more bat patients from a tree felling, they came from Celle, too. Celine trained together with them. She was getting better, but she did not take off from the ground.
Then it was the day, the other nyctalus noctula from Celle were fit for freedom. The next day by 3 p.m. the transport to Celle was scheduled for releasing the bats to freedom. - Celine still could not take off from the ground. - The other nyctalus noctula were carefully placed in their transport boxes and taken to the last vet check, from there it goes on to Celle the next day. - Celine and I were left in the bat station. I realized how Celine was restless, she wanted to go with the other bats and wanted to be free. "The Bat Express" went on to the first stop at the vet. Only a few hours separated the other bats from freedom. - I still had the little Celine in the training room.
Suddenly she wanted to try it again. She circled only a few laps, then I put her on the floor and - YES - she took off from the ground without any help and she flew lap after lap - did not want to stop flying. We repeated the exercise and it worked!
That same evening, we both got into the car and followed the "Bat Express". Once at the vet, Celine climbed into the big boxes where the other bats spent their last night in captivity. The next day we all went to Celle. In the evening all bats got off their transport boxes and one after another climbed into the releasing box at a beautiful place with a lake, fully surrounded by nature. Celine also disappeared in the releasing box.
Later at sunset they flew out - one by one - even Celine. - Her big dream of freedom was finally fulfilled. Due to her strength and her will she now is a proud hunter of the night again and hopefully will soon be a mother of nyctalus noctula babies - wild and free.

Nyctalus noctula Missi tastes the drone brood.

Ernie - 7 Weeks old

Ernie is exactly seven weeks old today. He has now learned to independently eat mealworms from the bowl and makes use of this ability vigorously, so that he now brings 31g on the scales. This makes him a bit flight-lazy, and we now have to pay attention to his fitness, so he is not too heavy to fly. But he has beautiful teeth.

News from Ernie

Ernie is now 6 1/2 weeks old and wirh 25g an almost full-grown, beautiful male. His mother has now weaned him, and after initial attempts to be hand-fed with mealworms, he has now learned to eat alone from the bowl. He gets his petting, of course, anyway, and is very happy about it until he starts to the next training rounds. He now manages 60 laps to fly in the 45 square meter room without a break, then he continues after a short break. For a few extra mealworms, he comes now even earlier from the hiding place and not only at 3 clock in the morning! But until after the icy saints, he must wait to be released to the wild - hopefully there are already beautiful weather and insects!

Ernies Flight Training

Ernie is exactly 5 weeks old and now flies in the 45 square meter living room every night between 3 and 4 o'clock in the morning! Before that he does not feel like it, but at this time he is already waiting for his flight training!

Meanwhile, he manages several laps without landing and since tonight also the ground start. He is now systematically trying out all the places you can land on - see photos.

Ernie now 5 weeks old



A miracle at Easter

A female pip­istrellus pipis­trellus bat from Resse in the Wedemark had been discovered last Wednesday in a basement room, where she sat in a large saucepan and couldn’t find a way out. The friendly finders had then put her into a box, but when our rescue driver came to pick her up, the box was empty. The finders had missed an approx. 3 cm hole on the side and so the  bat had escaped. Unfortunately, our rescue driver had to leave unfulfilled things.

On Easter Sunday, the finders have found the bat again - sitting on a sack of carrots. Quickly our rescue driver rushed off again and the girl was saved and brought to our vet.

The bat weighed only 3.2 g, was very weak, a bit dirty, but unhurt. Both wings were fortunately okay. First, the bat has drunk a few drops of water. Then she got a little bit better and after half an hour she ate some mealworms. Now, she is fine, and very soon - when it gets warmer - she can be re-released back tot he wild.

Ernie now 4 Weeks old and tried to fly for the first time

Ernie 3 weeks old

Bat rescue - no way os too far

A bat on his way from Hamburg to Hannover to get sepcial medical treatment in our bat station with our vet Dr. Renate Keil 

photo 1 und 2: No way is too far to rescue a bat :-) The rescuers brought Rudi from Hamburg to Hannover for medical treatment.

photo 3: Soft toy bat as badge :-)

photo 4: Rudis Travelbox

photo 5: Rudi <3

photo 6: A small reward for the rescuers - we exchange squirrel for bat <3

Bat with Exsiccose

Two days ago, a completely dry, emaciated pygmy bat came to us, motionless and almost dead. Skin folds pulled up on the back remained permanently, a sign of an acutely life-threatening exsiccosis (dehydration), which must be treated as quickly as possible.

After a slow infusion of lots of warm electrolyte solution, she gradually came back to herself and was able to swallow at least 2 drops of water. A while later she took 3 drops of puppy milk, digestible and liquid. Careful rehydration was continued every few hours, and her partially dried skins were gently massaged with ureasalve.

Also on the following day the infusion had to be repeated, but now she was already licking a little at expressed mealworms, and she was already hanging like a bat. Today, another improvement has been seen: urine heel and droppings work again, and expressed mealworms are still being taken slowly but gladly. Unfortunately, the two wing tips could not be saved, they were already dead. Fortunately, however, the other wing-parts and the tail tip are again supplied with blood. Since the wing tips have been lost symmetrically on both sides, this will hardly hinder her ability to fly later, and when she recovers, she will quickly learn how to handle it. She is still not completely out of danger and is still taken care of every few hours, but we are optimistic that she will continue to be on the mend. Keep your fingers crossed!

Injured Eptesicus serotinus Bat


With angry abrasions on the shoulder and face that contained grains of sand and wood splinters, this bat came to our station a week ago. During the wound cleansing it turned out that there was an air emphysema under the scalp. The bat is probably a victim of a roof renovation, where the bat was sitting between stones and was squeezed. Fortunately, the emphysema does not increase and the breath sounds disappeared after the antibiotic treatment. One photo was taken after the first treatment. Meanwhile, the healing is more advanced and the bat eats very well! The first flying exercises in about 2 weeks will show if the lung function is sufficient for longer flights.We hope the best, so that the bat can go back to freedom in Summer - but she will have to look for a new winter quarter next Winter ...



Forest Ranger of Hanover and FOE Bats Conservation Team Hannover create new homes for bats


Together, the forest ranger of Hanover and FOE Bats Conservation Team Hannover create new homes for bats in the forest Eilenriede. The weather was icy, but wind and snow could not stop the rangers  from getting on with a lift and hanging up the new batboxes. We would not have been able to install these very heavy Schwegler wooden boxes at this height without the great support oft he rangers. We thank Mr. Bettin and his entire team for this great commitment and we are looking forward to further cooperation.



Bat with broken wing will soon be free again

This bat came to our station a few weeks ago with a broken wing. The splint, which he still wears in the photo, is already removed and soon the climbing and flight training begins. Then the bat goes back to freedom. 

More information.

Ernie is growing up (14.03.2018)


The first 2018 is born in our bat station. The mother came in December 2017 to our station and gave birth to her baby in March 2018.  


Eric was the first patient in our bat station. Unfortunately he didn't make it back to the wild and passed away on March 4th 2018.

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Bat homes sealed!

The energy company sealed the tree homes of the bats, so the trees can be felled for suface mining. The bats must now try to find other homes - in the middle of the Winter - will they actually find a new home?... 

Please, sign the petition Petition.

(Februar 2018)

Wir haben es satt! Berlin 2018 Demo against pesticides

Wir haben es satt! - 20.01.2018 Berlin

Demo "Wir haben es satt!" 20.01.2018 in Berlin - we demontrated agains pesticides. Please, buy organic certified products.

News Year's Eve firecrackers and Fireworks


Firecrackers and fireworks scare bats in town and country. The animals warm up in panic from deep hibernation and spend much energy. As the animals find no food in Winter, they can starve at the end of Winter due to a lack the energy.

Our advice: Please do not use firecrackers and fireworks.

A special guest- Ept­esicus nilssonii

This year we had a very special guest in our station: Ept­esicus nilssonii

One difference between Ves­pertilio murinus and Ept­esicus nilssonii are the different fur colors.

Ves­pertilio murinus and Ept­esicus nilssonii
Ves­pertilio murinus and Ept­esicus nilssonii

5 years Batstation Bat Conservation Team Friends of the Earth Germany Hannover

After many wonderful years in the old station in the forest Eilenriede, in which our first aviary for bat patients stood, it was time to "pack the suitcases", because the aviary was too small for the many patients. But where do you go with bats? Thanks to the Capital of Hanover and the former environmental department leader Hans Mönninghoff we found an old building, which could be suitable as an accommodation. When we entered the new property for the first time, there was no light, no water, no drains, no doors, and the window holes were closed with boards. But - we had a lot of imagination and really no choice. So it was time to start! The then not even 10 people strong Bat team started despite all concerns "You'll never make it!". The bats came to a temporary winter quarter where they were taken care of daily, while we also took care of the expansion of the new bat center and its financing. With the help of the company "Around the house" we tirelessly built on the aviaries. At least the area for the animals, initially 200 m², should be ready in the Spring 2012 and all official permits must be there at that time. And so it was! In March 2012, the bat center opened the doors for the animals. But we were not done yet! We were still carrying water in canisters up the stairs. But we were not deterred. We continued and that not only on the construction, because more and more bat friends came along and helped us. The team became stronger and stronger. Unfortunately, we also had to say goodbye to our former biologist and co-founder of the bat center Elke Mühlbach and our hard-working activist Rüdiger Klose we have lost forever due to illness. Both of them could not ever see the Bat Center, but we will continue to fight for the bats.

Meanwhile, the bat center is further expanded. Various functional rooms were completed, a medical treatment room, another aviary, a workshop and a large flight training room were added.
Today the team counts about 50 activists and 20 supporters. We participate in various events, give lectures and cooperate with the School Biology Center Hannover in environmental education. Countless bat patients have come to our station so far, most of them are already healthy wild and free back in nature.


At this point, we would like to thank all those who have made the dream of the bat center come true. First and foremost, there are our many activists, some of them are daily and tirelessly in action for the animals - but there are you, too, who donate, share our postings or have adopted bats. There are also our big supporters such as the Capital Hannover, the Region Hanover, the BINGO environmental foundation, AbInBev, bat foundation, and there are also the companies that are volunteering for us, like Lagershausen safety technology and fire protection Berge and the companies, who set up donation boxes or donate part of the sales proceeds of certain products to us. And we also thank all the hard-working helpers in the background, whose individual contributions can not all be listed.





We wish you a merry Christmas and all the best for 2018
AG bats
BUND Hannover Region
We are there - every day and on a voluntary Basis!


Please, help us!

Pesticides threaten our lives, but despite all political decisions, YOU can help us - please, buy organic certified products and show the world that you do not want poison in the nature.

The weather couldn't stop us :-)

Today we had an Information boost at Hanover railwaystation. Unfortunately because of the weather we had very few visitors.

Hurricane broke trees down

Until darkness our teams searched for destroyed bat quarters and injured bats. Fortunately no quarters and animals were found yet, so we hope, that the harm is less than suspected. The search for the bats is going on.



In summer nights hopper winows can cause invasions of bats in your home. The animals fly but can't find the way out through a hopper window. Hopper windows look different from inside, than from outside and the bats can't figure out the way. Our tip: To prevent this just usw a fly screen in front of the window! Also note that bats like to sit in roller shutters, window and door columns, please be careful not to trap any animal.

orphaned Bat-Babies

More than 50 orphaned batbabies are in our station - but this is not cute! This is a tragedy! Many mothers are to weak to take care of their babies. So the babies fall down on the ground. We always try to reunite mother and babies but in many cases the mothers cannot come back to pick up their babys. We think they are to weak, because they don't find enough insects to eat. Please, help the bats to survive and buy products with organic certification.  Click here for more information.

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Mother's Day

I would like to be a mother .... but people cut the tree in which I had been sleeping with my friends in hibernation. The survivors were rescued and spent the rest of the Winter in the bat station of the BUND Region Hannover. I was saved, too. My injuries were severe and I had to be in the warm medical treatment rooms. There I wanted to give birth to my two babies, but it was  much too early and both were stillborn: '( I would have loved to be a loving mother for them :' ( but people have destroyed everything, I know we are only small, but we are there and we want to live, like you want to live. Please pay attention to bats before (!) tree works. 

5 Years Annivesary

BUNDchen has completely forgotten our anniversary ... ;-) In March 2012, the BUND Fledermauszentrum Hannover was opened by Hans Mönninghoff, the environmental manager of the Lower Saxony capital Hanover. Since then, we have been able to release well over 1000 bats healthy back to the wild <3

Found a bat - what to do?

Just one of more than 270 bat patients we got this year. There is no day when our emergency phone does not ring...

What to do when you find a bat click here.

Return of Myotis bechsteinii

3 Myotis bechsteinii who had been in our station due to various injuries could be released back to the wild. The forest rangers of Hannover helped us with their cherry picker getting the releasing quarter at the tree in about 8 m high. And a week later they even went there to control the quarter. The quarter was empty - the bats found obviously a better quarter so the box was removed, becausce it can not be checked and cleaned at that height without a cherry picker.
We thank the forest rangers for their spontaneous help!

After years of no Myotis bechsteinii in the Eilenriede, some of these wonderful animals seem to be back, because we got some injured ones into our station. Now we hope that the 2 females and 1 male will have babies soon <3 span="">

Bechsteinfledermaus (Archivfoto)
Dr. Renate Keil bringt Auswilderungskasten an
Die Auswilderung kann beginnen

An Idea to Tinker - the Bat Jumping Jack

Waters are important for insects and so for bats, too

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