Quarters for Bats

Bats are among the most threatened mammals be. The preservation and the creation of quarterss is one of the most important tasks. Here we will show you how to offer bats quarters in house and garden. Please note, however, that the artificial quarterss are no substitute for natural quarterss, but merely serve as a supplement. The preservation of natural quarters is very important!

Which quarters are possible?

If you have trees with holes in the garden, please, preserve these natural quarters for bats. Bat boxes are availalable in different versions, depending on the species of bats you would like to offer a quarter. Boxes can be attached to the facade or trees. As part of building rehabilitation measures, there is also the possibility to inlude bat quarters into the facade and insulation. If you have the ability to open a part of the attic constantly for bats for example via by special bat bricks, you can offer bats a forever home. Please note, that an attic once opened for bats can never be closed anymore, because bats might otherwise be included and die. Martens, cats, and possibly also owls must not have an access to the attic. 

Where and how should the bat boxes are attached to the house?

It is advantageous if you offer several boxes for bats to different sides of the house. Then, the animals can choose their quarters depending on tempeture change and neighborhood. But even just one box already offers more animals, often crowded next to each other, shelter. The boxes must be affixed or built into the facade. The bats should approach the boxes on a free way (no bushes on front of the entrance). It is essential to ensure that martens and cats can not reach the boxes. The boxes should be at least 13 feets above the ground. If you are unable to provide this high, the boxes should be fixed as high as possible. The entrance of bat boxes has a rough surface, so that the animals can crawl better. In addition, the box should have a bevel at the entrance or becompletely open from the bottom side, so that the droppings can fall off the boxes and does not seal the entrance! Round boxes, as a substitute for tree holes, must be cleaned, if necessary. The cleaning should be done once or twice a year. Cleaning should be done in April and / or September, so you don't disturb the animals during winter sleep or baby-time. Please make sure, that no animal will be pinched by opening or closing the boxes! Please refrain in the garden / balcony the use of pesticides.

If possible please offer quarters on different sides of the house

Because the animals need different quarters depending on the season and weather conditions , it is good for them to install quarters on several sides of the house. If quarters are on different sides of the house the animals are looking for the most comfortable tempered quarter depending on weather conditions.

When will the bats come to the quarters?

This can be very different, in some boxes you will find bats within a few days, others remain empty for many years. Many bats spend only a day or two as a guest, so the use of the box is not proven.

How to build a bat box?

There are now countless instructions on the internet you can download. For the construction of the boxes sawn wood should be used. Please do not use toxic wood preservative, but environmentally-insoluble agents such as linseed oil. The insides of the boxes should be left untreated. The box must remain breathable so it does not mold. For the roofing you should not use tar paper, as these melt and the bats can clog. If you don't want to build any box yourself, you can of course also purchase one.

How can I watch the animals?

At dusk, or depending on the species of bats little later, the batse begin their hunting flights. You then have the opportunity to watch the animals. Very useful and interesting is the use of a bat detector. Watch ever, touch never! Please do not disturb the animals in their quarters. Besides the fact that bats are wild animals and must not be taken out of the nature, even not for a short time, bats are very defensive. Their bites are very painful!If you find an injured bat or a bat in need of help, please contact the local wildlife rescue or the fire fighters or the police and ask for professional help.

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