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Bat species who live in buildings are for example Eptesicus serotinus and Pipistrellus pipistrellus. But many other bat species can live in buildings. They use for example gaps and cracks as quarters and attics are gladly accepted, too. Also Myotis myotis belong to the bat species living in buildings: they populated large attics of churches, monasteries and palaces.

The bat populations, however, are greatly diminished in the last 40 years. Causes of their extreme decline are mainly lack of food due to the use of pesticides in agriculture; poisoning by wood preservatives used in buildings and the destruction of quarters due to roof works, renovations and thermal insulations.

Homeless in the freezing cold! Bats don't find Winter-quarters

With the start of cold in northern Germany many bats are looking for a frost-free place for the winter. But unfortunately due to tree fellings and house renovations there is hardly any space for bats. In Winter many bats can be seen flying around in a desperate attempt to save there lives. Sometimes they fly right into buildings or freeze to death. Please help the bats to survive. – Take action for the conservation and creation of winter quarters. – Please, spread the word! Thank you for your help.

How you can help

Bat droppings behind removed Attica

Attention when renovating the attic of buildings! Bats love to stay in the attic of buildings: the animals crawl under the attic and look for suitable sites there. Even Winter quarters may be located under an attic. In the photo the bat droppings can be seen after the attic was removed. For attica renovations there are solutions to preserve the bat roosts or to provide new quarter at the same place.

Due to renovations and insulations of facades and roofs, many - usually barely visible - bat roosts got lost because the entrances to the quarters get sealed or the quarter gets totally destroyed. In the worst case, the animals are immured alive. Another problem is that after isolation the heat is kept inside the building, so the bat quarters gets too cold in Winter and the quarter is no longer suitable for bats.

How can I recognise bat quarters in buildings?

An indication of bats in buildings are small, elongated dung-crumbs that are close to the house wall or on projections such as window sills (photo). Bat droppings are harmless and can be used as fertilizer for plants.

bat droppings
bat droppings
bat quarter

Barely visible in very small cracks bats may be hidden. Here a quarter directly in a window recess (above on the right).

Typical Quarters


at the chimney

under roof tiles / projections in the roof 

under projections in the house wall

in Mauerspalten

under the attic

behind the shutters

in the boxes for the jalousie

in the cellar

in tree trunk holes and projections in the bark 

in tree branch holes and projections in the bark 

What to do when you have a bat quarter in your house?

If no changes to the house are planned, then nothing is to do. If possible, please try to minimize the dangers for bats at your house.

If you are planning renovations, thermal-isolations or any other changes at the house, it is very important to pay attention to the quarter / quarters. Therefore bat experts should examine the building, even if you only suppose that there could be a bat quarter. This is the only way to avoid that the bat quarter gets destroyed or sealed. 

New quarters for the bats

Installation of a year-round quarter (photo: Schwegler)

When you build quarters for bats, please look for high-quality material. The Quarters must be frost-resisting and provide a frost free place for the bats in Winter. We recommend to contact a bat expert before building a bat quarter.


Bat quarters - For every type of building there is a good solution

example: "Bat-stones" in the facade (photo: Klaus Hasselfeldt)

Several different quarters are offered for installation on the facade or in the thermal-insulation. If you like you can paint the quarters in the colour of the facade so the quarters are barely visible.


Im Handel werden heute eine Anzahl verschiedenartiger Kästen angeboten, die sich für die Anbringung auf der Fassade eignen oder für den Einbau in die Wärmedämmung. Die Kästen können in der jeweiligen Fassadenfarbe - wenn gewünscht - gestrichen werden und fallen dann kaum noch auf.

If possible please offer quarters on different sides of the house

Because the animals need different quarters depending on the season and weather conditions , it is good for them to install quarters on several sides of the house. If quarters are on different sides of the house the animals are looking for the most comfortable tempered quarter depending on weather conditions.

You would like to offer the animals exterior bat quarters?

Open unused roof spaces for bats

"Bat-door" to the roof space

To open roof spaces for bats, a bat-entrance can be left open in the unused attic space. Also in attics sometimes the small part of the roof remains unused: This is sufficient to provide bats a quarter. 

A strong Partner

photo: Kirsten Gulau


The BUND Landesverband Niedersachsen e.V. advises to species conservation in the construction.

Please, contact  (subject: Bat conservation at buildings)

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