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In summer nights hopper winows can cause invasions of bats in your home. The animals fly but can't find the way out through a hopper window. Hopper windows look different from inside, than from outside and the bats can't figure out the way. Our tip: To prevent this just usw a fly screen in front of the window! Also note that bats like to sit in roller shutters, window and door columns, please be careful not to trap any animal.


Bats and Birds mostly come to death if they fall in open vessels such as watering cans, rain barrels, empty flowerpots, buckets which are on the open balcony or in the garden. Fly glue traps also could not just be a trap for insects, but they can be dangerous for bats, too. Tip: Be careful with open vessels outside, please, cover them. Please, abstain from the use of fly glue traps especially in parts of the building where bats (attic, barn, etc.) could stay.

A piece of wood can protect animals from drowning in the rain barrel.

Wood preservatives

Chemical additives in wood preservatives are often toxic to bats. Our tip: Use only environmentally friendly wood preservatives.

Pigeon defense grid

In pigeon defense grids bats can be impaled. Please refrain from attaching pigeon defense grids.

Roof / building renovations or demolitions

Please have a building checked for bats by professionals, whether you would like to renovate or demolish a building. Our advice: Get new quarters for bats in the renovated or new built building - it's easy and inexpensive!

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