Tree felling and tree care

Tree fellings are the greatest danger for bats. Bats lower their body temperature from while sleeping, so in case of emergency they can not fly away like a bird. It takes about 5 to 10 minutes before they brought their bodies to air temperature in winter sleep it takes even longer. Thus, they have no chance to escape from a tree felling. Often animals are cut alive, splinters penetrate deep into their bodies, there are bruising and fractures. If help from experts isnot available, hundreds of bats are killed due to the tree felling. Our urgent request: Before you cut down a tree (or let it make), please let experts check the tree for holes and examine them with an endoscope. The same applies to larger tree care measures, because there holes for bats are in thicker branches, too. Please, click here for further information.

Here you can see Bat Quarters in Trees

We thank Bat Tree Habitat Key for the photo.
badly injured tree felling victims reach our station
during her cries of pain the splinters got deep into her mouth
bad face injury
arm fracture
arm injury
many bats don't survive tree fellings

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