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Diverse medical information



IMPORTANT: The medical care of bats requires a lot of experience. Often severely injured animals can recover.  If you have no experience with bats, please bring the bat immedately to the next bat-expert. Never try to take care of a bat yourself. To care for bats needs much experience and special facilities you don't have. 

Please note that the natural defense behavior of bats, especially when the animals are in pain, can easily be confused with rabies symptoms.

For all medical questions about the bats, please contact Dr. Keil  - please do not hesitate to contact her:

Emergency Phone: 01573-0910222


 (Consulting is free)


Protective collar is also possible for bats

This bat has to wear a splint. To prevent him from nibbling, he has to wear a small collar. It is important that the collar is only be applied when the animal is not under supervision. the bat should be able to spend as much time as possible without a collar under supervision, so that he has the possible of free movement and can clean and care for himself.

For diversion, the little one got a mealworm. 

Well organzised

The care for bats requires great care. Here you can see, for example, special feed, vitamins, medicine, minerals, cold-pressed rapeseed oil, small cotton rods and scales. Each bat has an index card, so that each animal receives the treatment as prescribed by our veterinarian.

Book: The Rehabilitation and Captive Care of Insectivorous Bats by Amanda Lollar

We are very happy that one of our photos is part of the new book by Amanda Lollar. We thank Amanda and her team for their tireless commitment to bats. Here you can order the book.

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Foto in der Mitte von Dr. Renate Keil

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