Dangerous Splinters

Bats who become victims of a tree felling must be regularly examined, as many injuries show later. For example splinters that are deep in the body move slowly to the surface and cause inflammation. These injuries must be treated, otherwise they could have fatal consequences for the bats. The animals need to recover totally before they can be released back to the wild.


Please note: The animals often seem to be healthy. Splinter injuries can be only clearly visible under a magnifying lamp, so we strongly advise you to examine every tree felling victim at a suitable location with very good lighting and magnifier lamp!




splinter agglutination
splinters in the gface
thumb inflammation after splinter injury
many splinters in the body
splinter in the nose
splinter abscess
sanious infection due to splinters in the face
splinter injury in the thumb

In this noctule the splinters penetrated  deep into the mouth during her cries of pain when the tree was felled. A reanimation was necessary.

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