The rearrangement of a firewood stack was fatal for this female pipistrellus nathusii. Despite a broken leg she was very lucky not to be crushed. A glue splint stabilizes the legs. The bat gets  additional pain medication and laser irradiation of the fracture to heal.




A Vespertilio murinus suffered an open arm fracture, which was nailed, a jaw injury and a long crack on the cornea of the left eye. Fortunately, the treatment responded well, and the eye is now back in order. Despite her jaw injury, which is why she is nourished with mashed drone brood and expressed mealworms, she to eat soft mealworm pupae. She gets painkillers and antibiotics, and we hope that she get well again.





Even forearm fractures are curable. This pipistrellus pipistrellus is estimated to start the flight training next year. 



Splint and Bat collar

This bat has to wear a splint. To prevent him from nibbling, he has to wear a small collar. It is important that the collar is only be applied when the animal is not under supervision. the bat should be able to spend as much time as possible without a collar under supervision, so that he has the possible of free movement and can clean and care for himself.

For diversion, the little one got a mealworm.

Bat with broken wing will soon be free again

This bat came to our station a few weeks ago with a broken wing. The splint, which he still wears in the photo, is already removed and soon the climbing and flight training begins. Then the bat goes back to freedom. 

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