Mites at the bat's wing rim

Small white knots are often found at the wing rims. These are mites sitting in the skin, which deposit their eggs there. On the first microscope photo is such a clutch, on the 2nd microscope photo is a young mite which just eclosed.

The treatment is to dab Beaphar vermin spray (for small rodents) with a cotton swab on the wing rim - repeat the treatment about 3-4 days later again, in order to kill also the later eclosing nymphs.

mites at the wing rim
mites clutch under microscope
eclosed nymph

Tick attack on a bat

With only 3.1 g, a half-starved and thirsty bat was freed from a biscuit box kept in the storage room, full of biscuit crumbs in the fur - they could be easily brushed out, but the more than 20 ticks, which had already almost sucked the little guy, sat more firmly. In the meantime the bat has recovered well and has already gained 50% weight in 5 days.

Eggs of Flies

This Nyctaluy noctula came in with eggs of flies.

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