Please, don’t euthanize us!

Hello, my name is Mausoh. I am a myotis myotis and have an important message for you.


3 years ago I got injured and was brought to the bat station of Friends of the Earth Germany - BUND Hannover. I was about to die due to my injuries. When I arrived at the vet’s office I was very frightened. I know that many vets euthanize bats, which are badly injured. But not Dr. Keil. She took care of my wounds, I got pain reliever and all medical treatment.

My wounds healed. Later I was able to move into the aviaries of the bat station, where I was trained pretty persistent. After 3 years I was completely cured.

Yesterday I was placed in a transport box. Me and my keepers went far away by car. When we got out of the car, I realized that I knew that place. Here I had lived - 3 years ago. Many of my species were already flying around.


The transport box was opened and I understood it was the night I got released! I took off into the night. I joined the myotis myotis group and started to hunt insects. Now I am back in my home – healthy, wild and free!

But I have a big request: Many bats are seriously injured by humans, but very few people make the effort, to care for us. We are often euthanized simply because we cannot fly immediately - because we are too badly injured. - But it was not our fault that we got injured! Please never give up hope that we can totally recover! We thank you for your work, your commitment, your love and your patience!



Yours Mausoh

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