Reanimation of bats

Dead or not dead? 

bat at the time of arrival
the same bat after a few hours of medical treatment

Never give up!

From the rescued Nyctalus noctula (see report " Winterquarter with Nyctalus Noctula falls victim to a saw") 8 survivors and 1 dead bat were announced. The as dead announced female had her mouths full of sawdust. She had screamed of fear at the moment of the tree felling and so the wood chips came deep inside her mouth. Surprised was our vet that between death during the tree felling and arrival at our emergency station no rigor mortis has occured. This was our chance! Immediately the vet began with revitalisation (freeing the respiratory tracts, fluid replacement by infusion and magnetic field treatment). After a few minutes the little big miracle happened and the female showed signs of life! She then spent many hours on the magnetic mat and after a few hours she already took the offered water. Later she left the magnetic field mat and joined herself to her small emergency shelter in our emergency station. The same night she began under the supervision of one of our volunteers to learn eating mealworms. Also this miracle shows us that we must never give up fighting for the animals!
All animals have a good chance to be released well again in Spring. (The ring on the wings ist o mark the animals to give everyone the right medical treatment. Before the bats will be released the rings will be removed!)

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