Wing injuries



The bat needs every evening training like climbing, walking and spreading the wing. So it's important to have a person caring for the bat as long as possible in the night so that the blood circulation in the wing is good. You need to have a good feeling for the animal so it must be a therapy by training but it musn't be stress for the bat. It is very important that the bat always feels comfortable. during the winter this patient will spend the time in a room with normal warm temperature about 20 degrees celcius. Hibernation is not allowed because injuries cannot heal during hibernation. By the way hibernation in a warm place would kill the bat because of dehydration.




Photo taken when the bat arrived


Photo after month of Treatment - chances of toal recovery and releasing back to the wild are high!



Even forearm fractures are curable. This pipistrellus pipistrellus is estimated to start the flight training next year. 

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