Bat rings

Why do bats wear rings?

Bat rings help us to identify the bat so that every bat gets the right medical treatment and rehabilitation training. Before the bats are released back to the wild we remove the rings.

Bat rings are dangerous to bats

Rings can cause injuries at the wing skins - if they get infected, they can be fatal for bats without medical care. The ring injuries occur regardless of person who puts the rings on the bats and regardless of the series of the rings. Wild bats cannot get any help so bat rings can be a serious danger to life for the bats. 



The ring moved too far in the direction of the elbow and got stuck there. In nature, the animal would have died on the restricted wing function.

Removing bat rings

A bat leaves the bat station back to freedom. For this purpose the bat ring gets removed. This procedure is not painful to the animal. (we thank FlezArt for the photo.)

We strongly recommend not to ring wild bats.

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