Bats are not pets!

In Europe bats belong to the strictly protected species. It is not allowed to chased or kill them. All wildlife animals, including bats, are born free and want to live in freedom. Bats are not pets! Only in their natural habitat bats can live their lives and in addition to that they play an important role in the ecological balance of our nature. 

Unfortunately, there are sometimes accidents with bats, which are mostly caused by humans (tree felling, house renovations, wind energy plant, collisions with cars..), so that bats get injured and need help from experts. Only this circumstance allowed us humans to take a wild animal for a certain period in captivity. But as soon as a bat is health, the bat must be released back to the wild - back to freedom!

Bat in a transport box on her way back to freedom. Only a few minutes seperates her from the releasing.

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