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Found a Bat - get help!

Found a Bat - What to do?

Das Bild zeigt BUNDchen Fledermaus, der als Fundtier gerettet wird. // The picture shows BUNDchen Fledermaus, who is rescued as a found animal. BUNDchen Fledermaus wird gerettet // BUNDchen Fledermaus is saved  (Carina Bach /

1) If possible, rescue the animal.

For this you should only touch the animal with a cloth and carefully place it with the cloth in a box (with very small air holes). Close the box very well.

2) IMPORTANT please, contact immediately a bat expert for help!

Even if the animal is supposedly fit and unhurt, please contact a bat expert immediately.

In order to be able to assess injuries and weaknesses, it requires veterinary experience. Even with severe injuries, the animals may appear to be fit, but they desperately need lifesaving medical help. 

Location is important

Das Foto zeigt einen Stadtplan, auf dem die Funddaten einer Fledermaus markiert werden. // The photo shows a city map on which the find data of a bat are marked.  (pixabay / pixabay)

Bats are always released back to the wild at the location, where they were found. So it is very important that the bat expert gets notified of the location. 

Das Foto zeigt das Logo AG Fledermäuse BUND Region Hannover ein grüner Kreis im schwarzen Ring. der grüne Kreis ist die Erde und der Ring der Schutz des BUND für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland Logo AG Fledermäuse BUND Region Hannover  (Carina Bach /