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AG Fledermäuse BUND Region Hannover
AG Fledermäuse BUND Region Hannover

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Meyers Marketdays Hannover

Das Foto zeigt unseren Stand mit Glücksrad, Preisen und Standpersonal bei Meyers Markttagen im Zoo Hannover // The photo shows our booth with wheel of fortune, prices and stand personnel at Meyers Markttagen in the zoo Hannover Meyers Markttage 2019  (Silke Schrader / www.bund-fledermauszentrum-hannover.de )

At Meyer's Market Days, our wheel of fortune was in favor of our bat station.

#bats #Fledermäuse #BUND #FOE #BUND_h_agf #Fledermaus_gefunden #found_a_bat #tierrettung #animal_rescue #BUNDchen

Our Bats on Instagram

Die Zeichnung zeigt BUNDchen Fledermaus // The drawing shows BUNDchen bat BUNDchen Fledermaus // BUNDchen bat  (Carina Bach / www.bund-fledermauszentrum-hannover.de )

The bats have slept on Instagram for a long time, but now they are awake - just click  - clickt euch rein :-) 

#bats #Fledermäuse #BUND #FOE #BUND_h_agf#Fledermaus_gefunden #found_a_bat #tierrettung #animal_rescue#BUNDchen 

Keep your fingers crossed!

Das Foto zeigt eine verletzte Breitflügelfledermaus, der Mittelhandknochen ist gebrochen. // The photo shows an injured Eptesicus serotinus, the metacarpal bone is broken. verletzte Breitflügelfledermaus // injured Eptesicus serotinus  (Dr. Renate Keil / www.bund-fledermauszentrum-hannover.de )

This Eptesicus serotinus was found injured. Due to the injury a bird attack is suspected. Whether after the treatment the full flight activity can be reached, will turn out later - we keep our fingers crossed! 

#bats #Fledermäuse #BUND #FOE #BUND_h_agf 
#Fledermaus_gefunden #found_a_bat #tierrettung #animal_rescue 


Das Foto zeigt eine Wasserfledermaus in unserer Fledermausstation // The photo shows a myotis daubertonii in our bat center Wasserfledermaus // Myotis daubentonii  (Dr. Renate Keil / www.bund-fledermauszentrum-hannover.de )

After a long fight, this Myotis daubentonii has made it. completely exhausted she fell from a birch. For many hours our veterinarian fought for the life of the little bat. Now she is on the way to recovery! :-)

#Fledermaus_gefunden #found_a_bat #tierrettung #animal_rescue 

School festival of the IGS Burgwedel

Das Foto zeigt unseren Infostand der AG Fledermäuse BUND Region Hannover beim Schulfest der IGS Burgwedel. Zu sehen ist der Tisch mit den Kinderaktivitäten, im Hintergrund das Informationsmaterial und das Glücksrad. Stand der AG Fledermäuse BUND Region Hannover beim Schulfest der IGS Burgwedel // Boost of Bat Conservation Team BUND Region Hannover at the school festival of IGS Burgwedel  (Dr. Renate Keil / www.bund-fledermauszentrum-hannover.de )

At the school festival of the IGS Burgwedel also the Bat Conservation Team of the BUND Region Hannover was allowed to celebrate. We thank the children especially for their interest and their active commitment. 

#bats #Fledermäuse #BUND #FOE #BUND_h_agf  




Found a bat - get help!

Die Zeichnung zeigt BUNDchen Fledermaus, der als geschwächte Fledermaus von Menschen gerettet wird und im Handschuh einen geborgenen Platz gefunden hat. The drawing shows BUNDchen Fledermaus, who is rescued as a weakened bat by humans and has found a safe place in a glove. BUNDchen Fledermaus wird gerettet // BUNDchen bat got rescued  (Carina Bach / www.bund-fledermauszentrum-hannover.de )

Please watch out for bats in need. Some bats are very weak after hibernation and need your help. Please, click here for bat experts

#bats #Fledermäuse #BUND #FOE #Fledermaus_gefunden #found_a_bat #Tierrettung #animal_rescue

Now it's time to plan the garden!

We say goodbye...

Das Foto zeigt unser Website-Layout bis 2018 Website-Layout bis 2018  (Gudrun Becker / AG Fledermäuse BUND Region Hannover )

We say goodbye to our "old" website and start with the new version, which is suitable for both PCs and mobile devices :-)

Let's go and discover the new site - have fun! 

#bats #Fledermäuse #BUND #FOE #BUND_h_agf


Bat found in bulky waste

Das Foto zeigt eine Zwergfledermaus, die im Sperrmüll gefunden wurde. Das Tier konnte gerettet werden. Zwergfledermaus Pipistrellus pipistrellus  (Dr. Renate Keil / www.bund-fledermauszentrum-hannover.de )

A bat was found today in Hanover's city center in the bulky waste of attentive passers-by and brought to us - at the last minute! The animal was on the verge of dehydration and starvation and had only half the weight needed for hibernation. Only after an infusion did the spirits return slowly. Now she is first nursed and reintroduced in the spring at the site. Perhaps she had wanted to spend the winter in the garage of a garbage bin (?) - in this condition she would not have had the spring any more. Please keep your eyes open and do not pass by if you find a bat on the ground - it needs help!

(Januar 2019)

#bats #Fledermäuse #BUND #FOE #BUND_h_agf 

We are fed up! 19.01.2019 in Berlin

Das Foto zeigt einen Ausschnitt der Demo Wir haben es satt! in Berlin 2019 // The photo shows a part of the demo We are sick of it! in Berlin 2019 Wir haben es satt! Berlin 2019 // We are sick of it! Berlin 2019  (Gudrun Becker / www.bund-fledermauszentrum-hannover.de )

A demonstration for a peasant ecological agriculture - also Plüti was there and has spoken out against the use of pesticides - he asks everyone: Buys organic products! 

#WHES19 #bats #Fledermäuse #BUND #FOE #BUND_h_agf 

Das Foto zeigt Stoff-Fledermaus Plüti und Stofftierschwein Schweini bei der Demo Wir haben es satt! in Berlin 2019 // The photo shows soft toy bat Plüti and soft toy pig Schweini at the demonstration We are sick of it! in Berlin 2019 Plüti und Schweini bei Wir haben es satt! Berlin 2019 // Plueti and Schweini (pig) at the Demonstration We are sick of it! Berlin 2019  (Gudrun Becker / www.bund-fledermauszentrum-hannover.de )

Plüti meets Schweini at the demonstration "We are fed up!" in Berlin 2019 

Hambi stays! - Review 2018 AG Fledermäuse BUND Region Hannover

Die Zeichnung zeigt BUNDchen Fledermaus, der einen Baum umarmt mit dem Banner Hambi bleibt // The drawing shows BUNDchen bat hugging a tree with the banner Hambi stays! BUNDchen Fledermaus Hambi bleibt // BUNDchen Fledermaus Hambi stays  (Carina Bach / www.bund-fledermauszentrum-hannover.de )

The Bat Conservation Team of the BUND Region Hannover also campaigned for the preservation of the Hambach Forest in 2018. By collecting signatures at our events, we were able to get countless signatures. Online, we were able to inform and mobilize many visitors of our website and on Facebook. In various demos in Braunschweig, Hannover and Berlin for the preservation of the Hambach Forest and a quick coal exit, we brought our protest on the street and gave the bats a voice. Always ahead is our new mascot Plüti - who came to us from the bat ambulance NABU Schleswig-Holstein and since then supports our public relations work.
Of course we were also able to help many bat patients to recover. Our vet Dr. med. Renate Keil and our dedicated nursing team take lovingly and tirelessly care of a large number of patients who come to us with different injuries every day.
And also backstage, there was much to do. From crafts, logistics to operations and field work everyone was busy. In our bat station, the last room was reconstraucted from which animals can later be released. There is still so much more to do, but the bats are mostly missing dedicated people with cars ready to take bat rescue / release operations, or help us transport event materials to the venues. We are also very happy about active people who support our information booths and take on children's activities.
With a public lecture on 05.12.2018 at the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, the 5th of this year, our bat year ends in the field of public relations. On 20 event days we were present with our booths in the Hannover region. And last but not least, there were countless consultations that were made by our vet over the telephone, via the internet or in person. Hundreds of callers from all over Germany could be informed about the safety and initial care of injured bats via the bat emergency number, which is the only one in Germany 24h even at night and on weekends. Over 400 bat patients arrived or were picked up by us, treated, cared for and most oft hem already released. Many more who are currently hibernating or still in treatment are waiting for their release in Spring.
In February, we want to provide additional care for the first aid with a care seminar, and numerous other events will follow.
On 19.01.2019 we will start with the demo "We are sick of it!" In Berlin and oppose the use of pesticides and organic farming to give the bats the food source, the insects. - never be silent - never give up!

Don't miss our annual review on youtube :-)

End Coal Demo Berlin 2018 - Plüti was ahead

Das Foto zeigt Plüti Stofffledermaus bei der End Coal Demo in Berlin 2019 für einen schnellen Ausstieg aus der Braunkohle // the photo shows soft toy bat Plüti at the End Coal Demonstration in Berlin 2018 End Coal Demo 2018 Berlin  (Georg Wendt BUND / www.bund.net )

Plüti fights in Berlin for a quick end of coal and the preservation of the Hambacher forest!  (photo Georg Wendt BUND) 

#endcoal #hambacherforest #hambacherwald #bats #Fledermäuse #BUND #FOE #BUND_h_agf 


„The future should not be foreseen but made possible.“ (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)  

Das Foto zeigt eine Kleinabendseglerin mit dem Text Ich bin ein Wesen der Nacht. Hast du je an mich gedacht? Ich bin klein und unscheinbar, und bin doch so wunderbar. Kleinabendsegler Nyctalus leisleri  (Gudrun Becker / www-bund-fledermauszentrum-hannover.de )
Das Foto zeigt das Logo AG Fledermäuse BUND Region Hannover ein grüner Kreis im schwarzen Ring. der grüne Kreis ist die Erde und der Ring der Schutz des BUND für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland Logo AG Fledermäuse BUND Region Hannover  (Carina Bach / www.bund-fledermauszentrum-hannover.de )
Das Foto zeigt einen Großer Abendsegler Nyctalus noctula im Porträt // The photo shows a nyctalus noctula in profile Großer Abendsegler Nyctalus noctula  (Gudrun Becker / www-bund-fledermauszentrum-hannover.de )