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Die Zeichnung zeigt eine Fledermaus, die in ein gekipptes Fenster einfliegt // The drawing shows a bat flying into a tilted window BUNDchen Fledermaus Fenstereinflug / BUNDchen bat entry through the window  (Carina Bach / www.bund-fledermauszentrum-hannover.de)

Throughout the year there may be flights into apartments through tilted windows kommen. In summer nights hopper windows can cause invasions of bats in your home. The animals fly but can't find the way out through a hopper window. Hopper windows look different from inside, than from outside and the bats can't figure out the way.

The bats put their lives in danger if, for example, they fly behind cupboards or into empty vases, watering cans, wastepaper baskets or lanterns, which can easily become a death trap. Since they also like to hide in the folds of curtains, it can happen that they get caught there and can no longer free themselves. If bats fly in, please remain calm. Close all doors to prevent flight into other rooms. In the dark, open all windows and balcony doors wide so that the animals can find the exit. Before doing this, please check window or door frames for animals so that they are not accidentally crushed. Never allow cats or dogs into the room. Captured animals may only be released after dark, otherwise they are easily prey to cats and birds of prey. Please do not put injured bats or bats that have not taken off themselves outside! Bats like this need urgent help. Please, call the nearest bat expert (for contacts: https://www.bund-fledermauszentrum-hannover.de/fledermaus-gefunden/found-a-bat/ ). In addition, if it is possible for you, please rescue the animal. To do this, you should only touch the animal with a cloth and carefully place it with the cloth in a cardboard box (with very small air holes). Close the box very well. If you need assistance with the rescue, please contact the bat expert or the fire brigade. Please keep an eye out for bats in the room on the following evenings as well, as they initially hid and might not have been discovered on the first evening. Please check open vessels that can become a death trap for bats.

Please share our information so that as many animals as possible can be helped. Thank you for your help.

Our tip: The best way to prevent intruders is to either keep the windows closed or to put an insect net in front of the window. Also note that bats like to sit in roller shutters, window and door columns, please be careful not to trap any animal. 

You can find more information about bat animals and quick help here!


Die Zeichnung zeigt eine Fledermaus, die in eine Regentonne gefallen ist // The drawing shows a bat that has fallen into a rain barrel BUNDchen Fledermaus Regentonne // BUNDchen bat in rain barrel  (Carina Bach / www.bund-fledermauszentrum-hannover.de)

Bats and Birds mostly come to death if they fall in open vessels such as watering cans, rain barrels, empty flowerpots, buckets which are on the open balcony or in the garden. Fly glue traps also could not just be a trap for insects, but they can be dangerous for bats, too. Tip: Be careful with open vessels outside, please, cover them. Please, abstain from the use of fly glue traps especially in parts of the building where bats (attic, barn, etc.) could stay. 

Our tip: Please pay attention to open vessels in the outdoor area, if necessary cover them. 

Das Foto zeigt eine Regentonne mit schwimmendem Kork, so dass kein Tier mehr ertrinken kann. // The photo shows a rain barrel with floating cork so that no animal can drown anymore. Regentonne mit Kork // rain barrel with cork  (Gudrun Becker / www.bund-fledermauszentrum-hannover.de)

With rain barrels, it also helps if you let a piece of wood / cork float on top of the water, so the animals can first find a save place and can recover. Please, control daily, if an animal in the barrel needs your help.  

Watering tanks and rain barrels are dangers for bats

Tränken mit Ästen zur Tierrettung // Watering tanks with branches for animalrescue  (Gudrun Becker / www.bund-fledermauszentrum-hannover.de)

Good example! With the help of the branches, animals such as insects, bats and rodents that have fallen into the buckets can crawl out again.

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Bats in Parasols

Fledermaus im Sonnenschirm // Bat in a parasol  (Anja Daniels / www.bund-fledermauszentrum-hannover.de)

Bats like to look for day quarters in closed parasols. Please watch out for bats sleeping there when you open the parasol. If a bat has moved in and you don't need the parasol, you are welcome to let the bat stay there. If you would like to use the parasol, please contact a bat expert who will either come to move the animal or give you tips on how you can move the animal yourself without endangering it. Please do not just open the parasol, the animal could fall to the ground or be pinched. Before you move the parasol into the gazebo, especially in Autumn, make sure that there is no bat sleeping.

Fledermauskot unter einem Sonnenschirm // Bat droppings under a parasol  (Anja Daniels / www.bund-fledermauszentrum-hannover.de)

Roof tarpaulin / Construction tarpaulin 

Bauplane / Dachplane // Construction tarpaulin / roof tarpaulin  (Gudrun Becker / www.bund-fledermauszentrum-hannover.de)

Bats can also roost in the crevices of buildings, roof crevices and attics - this applies to both individual animals and colonies. Please make sure that the construction plans do not close off any quarters when covering for roof work / building work.

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Roof / building renovations or demolition work

Die Zeichnung zeigt BUNDchen Fledermaus beim Fegen. // The drawing shows BUNDchen bat when sweeping. BUNDchen Fledermaus fegt // BUNDchen Fledermaus is sweeping  (Carina Bach / www.bund-fledermauszentrum-hannover.de)

Please have experts check if bats live in a building that needs to be renovated or demolished. 

Please see urgently our information on bats living in buildings! 

As a result of heat remediation, the bats are increasingly losing much-needed winter quarters. 

Our tip: Create accommodations for bats in renovations or new buildings, it is very easy and inexpensive! see also our chapter building bat quarters. 


Wood preservatives

Die Zeichnung zeigt BUNDchen Fledermaus beim Streichen // The drawing shows BAD little bat while painting BUNDchen Fledermaus beim Streichen // BUNDchen Fledermaus painting the wall  (Carina Bach / www.bund-fledermauszentrum-hannover.de)

Chemical additives in wood preservatives are often toxic to bats. Our tip: Use only environmentally friendly wood preservatives. 

Our tip: Use only environmentally friendly wood preservatives. 


Die Zeichnung zeigt BUNDchen Fledermaus, der wegen der Pestizide krank ist. // The drawing shows BUNDchen bat, who is ill because of the pesticides. BUNDchen Fledermaus ist wegen der Pestizide krank // BUNDchen Fledermaus is ill due to pesticides  (Carina Bach / www.bund-fledermauszentrum-hannover.de)

Pesticides kill insects and thus the food of bats and many birds. In addition, the eating of pesticides but still living insects can lead to poisoning of the bats / birds. 

Our tip: Please do not use pesticides in home and garden.

Please, also see our notes on pesticides and organic food. 

Pigeon defense spears

Das Foto zeigt Taubenabwehrspieße // the photo shows pigeon defense spears Taubenabwehrspieße / pigeon defense spears  (Pixabay / Pixabay)

In pigeon defense spears bats can be impaled. 

Our tip: Please refrain from attaching pigeon defense spears.  

Chimneys stoves fireplaces

Die Zeichnung zeigt eine Fledermaus, die in einen Kamin geraten ist. // The drawing shows a bat that has fallen into a chimney. Kamine, Gefahr für Fledermäuse / Fireplaces, danger to bats  (Carina Bach / www.bund-fledermauszentrum-hannover.de)

Glue Traps

Das Foto zeigt eine Klebefalle mit einer festgeklebten Fledermaus. Das Tier konnte gerettet werden. // The photo shows a glue trap with a stuck-on bat. The animal was saved. Klebefalle, eine Gefahr für Fledermäuse / Glue trap, a thread for bats  (Dr. Renate Keil / www.bund-fledermauszentrum-hannover.de)

Bats in a shaft

Fledermäuse im Bodenschacht // Bats in a shaft  (Rüdiger Habeck / www.bund-fledermauszentrum-hannover.de)

Bats have been found in this shaft. The exact circumstances of how the animals got there are unclear.

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„The future should not be foreseen but made possible.“ (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)  

Das Foto zeigt eine Kleinabendseglerin mit dem Text Ich bin ein Wesen der Nacht. Hast du je an mich gedacht? Ich bin klein und unscheinbar, und bin doch so wunderbar. Kleinabendsegler Nyctalus leisleri  (Gudrun Becker / www-bund-fledermauszentrum-hannover.de)
Das Foto zeigt einen Großer Abendsegler Nyctalus noctula im Porträt // The photo shows a nyctalus noctula in profile Großer Abendsegler Nyctalus noctula  (Gudrun Becker / www-bund-fledermauszentrum-hannover.de)