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Cats are a significant threat to bats (and also to birds and wild mice). Contrary to the traditional assumption that hunting bats / birds / mice are "nature", hunting by free-roaming domestic cats is a dangerous fauna falsification. Domestic cats do not belong to the stock of natural hunters, but are released from man into nature (at least temporarily). In contrast to the wildcat, domestic cats often do not kill their prey, but usually leave them seriously injured. In contrast to the wildcats, domestic cats also know no limits when hunting, because they do not hunt for their own preservation, but from pastime and the expression of the original hunting instinct. In contrast to the wildcat, they are not subject to a natural limitation, but the number of free-range animals is determined solely by humans. This is an unnatural intervention in nature and nature can not compensate that. 

Silent screams

Das Foto zeigt eine von Katzen getötete Fledermausmutter // The photo shows a bat mother killed by cats Verstorbene Fledermausmutter // dead motherbat  (Dr. Renate Keil / www.bund-fledermauszentrum-hannover.de)

This suckling mother became a cat victim and succumbed to her injuries, her babies would die of starvation because the bat quarter could not be found. 

Cat Attack Victims:

„The future should not be foreseen but made possible.“ (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)  

Das Foto zeigt eine Kleinabendseglerin mit dem Text Ich bin ein Wesen der Nacht. Hast du je an mich gedacht? Ich bin klein und unscheinbar, und bin doch so wunderbar. Kleinabendsegler Nyctalus leisleri  (Gudrun Becker / www-bund-fledermauszentrum-hannover.de)
Das Foto zeigt einen Großer Abendsegler Nyctalus noctula im Porträt // The photo shows a nyctalus noctula in profile Großer Abendsegler Nyctalus noctula  (Gudrun Becker / www-bund-fledermauszentrum-hannover.de)