BUND Fledermauszentrum Hannover
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BUND Fledermauszentrum Hannover
Logo AG Fledermäuse BUND Region Hannover // the picture shows the logo Bat Conservation Team Friends of the Earth Germany Hannover - eine Fledermaus im Porträt mit dem BUND Logo ein grüner Erdball im halboffenen schwarzen Kreis. A bat in profile with the international BUND logo a green ball in a half open black circle Logo AG Fledermäuse BUND Region Hannover // Logo Bat Conservation Team Friends of the Earth Germany Hannover  (Dr. Renate Keil / www.bund-fledermauszentrum-hannover.de)

About us - The volunteers of Friends of the Earth Germany BUND Region Hannover - bat-conservation-team

Das Foto zeigt die Fledermausversorgung in unserer Fledermausstation, eine Pflegerin reinigt die Schlafplätze // the photo shows the bat care in our bat center - an animal keeper is cleaning the sleeping places Fledermausversorgung in unserer Fledermausstation // Bat care in our bat center  (Gudrun Becker / www.bund-fledermauszentrum-hannover.de)

Secretly - but not scary, the bats. In former times people got scared because of bats, but today the bats get more and more friends among us people. The bat conservation team of Friends of the Earth Germany BUND Hannover Region is a strong lobby for these strictly protected animals, the only flying mammals on earth! 

Our work:

- We explore the habitats of the bats in the Region of Hannover

- We stand up for the preservation and protection of the highly endangered bat stocks and their habitats

- We guide people on bat excursions through the Eilenriede forest

- We care for injured bats in our bat station until they can be released back to the wild. We help injured bats in need. The aid must be done quickly and professionally in order to offer the severely injured animals medical care. Most animals have to be medically treated. They often have broken bones or skin cracks, splinters in the body or agglutination. If necessary, our volunteer vet even has to operate the bats. Until full recovery and releasing back to the wild, the animals are fed, get vitamins, special diets, and medicine. They will be trained in large aviaries, so that they are fit again for a life in freedom. Until the animals can be released back to the wild, we take tirelessly and lovingly care for the little patients.  

- We provide information about bats and their protection   

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„The future should not be foreseen but made possible.“ (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)  

Das Foto zeigt eine Kleinabendseglerin mit dem Text Ich bin ein Wesen der Nacht. Hast du je an mich gedacht? Ich bin klein und unscheinbar, und bin doch so wunderbar. Kleinabendsegler Nyctalus leisleri  (Gudrun Becker / www-bund-fledermauszentrum-hannover.de)
Das Foto zeigt einen Großer Abendsegler Nyctalus noctula im Porträt // The photo shows a nyctalus noctula in profile Großer Abendsegler Nyctalus noctula  (Gudrun Becker / www-bund-fledermauszentrum-hannover.de)